This is my weekly dose of disruptive innovations from the current of news and topics floating around the world. May it help to disrupt yourself. 

1. Apple, Where is Your Next Moonshot?


Jonny Ive – Apples design chef and luminary – will be leaving the company later this year.

Apple has been for me a disruptive innovator ever since. May it fire the canons of innovation again.

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2. Variant – On Demand 3D Knitwear


Variant Launches Revolutionary Fashion Platform, Allowing Anyone to Produce and Deliver Custom Eco-Friendly Luxury Wear at Record Speed

10 years ago I ran an organic fashion label and was on the look out for disruptive innovations in production. I’ve even dreamed about the „t-shirt out of the (a small coke) can“. Nowadays there is 3D knitwear 😉

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Variant Website

3. Gravity – The Next Frontier in Human Flight

We augment the body and mind with a suite of patent pending technology to enable unparalleled human flight.

Gravity Intro Video

I stumbled across Richard Browning via LinkedIn. Imagine this project iterates further and accelerates faster than thought through sensors and AI. What does the human flight looks like in 10 years? Are we taking our own small Iron Man suits and fly to dinner on a roof top?

Gravity Website

4. A 30 Minutes Sprint of Fast Iteration in T-Shirt Design

Fast 30 minutes iteration.

I’ve designed a view t-shirts for my spreadshop. Spreadshirt itself is a disruptive innovation which lets you open up a free drop-shipping online store.

I have chosen to run a fast 30 minutes sprint of iterations with a bunch of designs for Road to Singularity.

The designs are reflecting the topic of disruptive innovation through quotes, statements, mindsets and hopefully further on with great artwork.

The results can be seen and bought here.

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